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Decluttering 101: Top Tips For Home Sellers

Wednesday, September 18, 2019   /   by Jake Batac

Decluttering 101: Top Tips For Home Sellers

Home buyers are weird and picky and they will give you a low ball offer if you don’t declutter your home!

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So it's decluttering 101. And remember if you like these videos turn your notifications one, subscribe, and share the video.

Some decluttering tips that we can give you today is start with putting things that you haven't used, things you don't need, start putting them into boxes and putting them away. You know a lot of people think that if they start putting things into closets and kind of getting rid of things that helps, but it doesn't. A buyer that's going to come into the house really needs to see the space of the property.

And it's really important, starting with the kitchen. You can donate a lot of the stuff. You can recycle a lot of the stuff. Don't collect all these things. I recently did this for my own house and I finally gave up on collecting all this crap. I just put all this stuff and I either donated it or gave it away or just threw it out, recycle or garbage.

And you know it is a form of packing, right? You have to pack that stuff anyway, so you're kind of just getting a head start and it's also another form of cleansing your house. You want to get rid of things that you don't really need.

We work with hundreds of buyers every year and we can tell you, like when we walk into houses and it's decluttered it does affect their judgment and how they perceive that property and how much they're will to pay for it.

What are some other things that you can do to declutter? The entryways is another example. They've got to get cleaned up really well. Make sure the entryway or even the outside of your house, curb appeal is extremely important. Make sure you get rid of everything that's in the yards, in the front-yards, in the backyard.

But here are two options you have. It needs to get done. Don't just ignore it. There's two ways. One is to hire a professional and one is do it yourself. Obviously, you hire a professional, you save a lot of time and that's the pro. The cons is it costs you maybe a little bit more than you like. And if you need to set aside two or three weekends and just do it yourself, saves you a lot of money and it's not that hard and you get to go through all the crap and see what you should keep and what you shouldn't. That's what I did, and I realized how much garbage I was just carrying around from this house to the next house and just creating declutter day after day. 

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