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December 2017 "Home” Ward Bound Impactful Real Estate News

Thursday, December 28, 2017   /   by Jake Batac

December 2017 "Home” Ward Bound Impactful Real Estate News

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“Home” Ward Bound
Impactful Real Estate News

You know the song, the one that says it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Well, there is something to it. The current year coming to a close, celebration of Christmas and other Faith Driven Holiday Celebrations, all mean different things to different people, but most  always represent joy, peace, gratitude and hopefulness. If you look around, you will notice a giving spirit exists unlike at other times of the year. Why can’t it be that way everyday of every year? I think it can.  It just takes effort. Here is what we are doing and how you can help.

Many home owners wanting to really enjoy this Holiday season are less than enthusiastic because they feel trapped. They are desperate to exit their current home and give themselves a big   Christmas Gift - a NEW place to call home.


The Toronto Platinum Realty Team giving back in holiday season by cooking for the Women's Shelter


Here’s where you and I can HELP!

As a result of working with almost a 1,000 families over a 10 year time span and through few documented economic recessions, we have developed a special program to help Home Owners wanting to make a move: Sell Fast and For Top   Dollar with the Least Hassle! 

For the month of December, we will guarantee, in writing, a CASH Offer within 24 Hours at a Price Acceptable to any Home Owner wanting to sell the place they call home*.

I know there is some risk on my part to make such an incredible guarantee like that, but we are selling just about every home we list for the market value price, sometimes even more, so there is no reason for area home owners, your friends and  family, to fret about selling right now. 

This is where you come in...

If you or anyone you know is considering making a move, we would like to offer them a FREE No Obligation to Move Consultation to discuss just how they can make their move, get what they want and do it with the least hassle. 

Just like we are thankful for you and your business, I am confident your referrals will be thanking you for steering them in the right direction on getting their home sold!!!


AND REMEMBER… YOUR referrals help Families… 

We are still on a mission to raise $25,000 for Women’s Shelter Canada. We do this by donating to them a portion of our income from homes we sell. Women and children under the care this facility don’t just receive necessities such as shelter, food, water, safety, security but the opportunity to start their lives over. With countless programs that help these women get qualified for jobs and/or education, they feel like they can gain their freedom and independence. All services are made possible through generous donors, volunteers and a dedicated staff.

Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to my real estate sales team?  


Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, but we donate a portion of our income on every home sale to  Interval House Women’s Shelter Canada. 

I want to make it easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move, so here are your options:

1. You can fill out the enclosed response card with who you know considering a move and mail back to me.

2. You can pass along our business card to them, I have enclosed a couple here for that purpose.

3. You can go to www.ReferralsHelpFamilies.com and enter their contact info on line or forward the link to who you know considering a move. 

4. Of course you can always call me direct as well at 647-405-6878. 


Over the last decade of helping almost a thousand families sell their home and/or buy another, we have met some wonderful, loving, caring people. People like you! So your  referrals, those you know considering a move, that we help — you can rest assured that not only will they get the award winning service we are known for and the guarantee to back it up, but that a solid portion of the income we receive from the transaction will go toward a very worthy cause.


I hope you and your loved ones have an extra special Holiday Season filled with much joy and happiness.


With all my appreciation.

Ahmad Shalforoshzadeh



P.S.  Remember we love honouring our past clients like you. Read all about that at www.ReferralsHelpFamilies.com  

P.P.S. Enclosed here is an article of How a Life was Saved because you Cared. And how your referrals really do help the families in crisis. Keep em coming… - AS
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A life saved, because you cared

In Isabelle’s home country in central Africa, not every girl was able to go to school, much less complete her education and enter the legal profession. So when she began practicing corporate law after her graduation, she didn’t take anything for granted.

And it got even better. While in law school she developed a relationship with another budding lawyer, Lionel*, and soon after they graduated they became engaged. In 1997, moved to Canada, got married and started their family.

After the births of their son and daughter, Lionel returned to their home country on business. Little did Isabelle know she would never see him again…he seemed to disappear into thin air.

Devastated, lonely and frightened, Isabelle knew she would have to find a way to support herself and her children. Because of language and educational differences she had been unable to practice law in Canada, so she ended up taking a job in a local restaurant in order to put food on the table.

One of the few bright spots was a new friendship with Claude*, a handsome young man from a country in Africa not far from her home. Isabelle and Claude began dating, and within a few months they were sharing a life together with Claude promising that he would take care of her and the children and love them forever.

It wasn’t long, though, before this dream relationship turned into a nightmare. The beatings seemed to come out of nowhere, and this man who had promised to protect Isabelle instead battered her with fists—and with words. “You aren’t worth anything. Something’s wrong with you. You can’t make anything of yourself.”

And with no one else to talk to, she began to believe he was right.

But someone took notice. Isabelle had been attending school to brush up on her English, and her instructor saw troubling signs and began to suspect something was wrong. “Isabelle,” she said, “You are not safe. You must leave before he kills you.”

As Isabelle watched her children cower in fear of Claude’s next rampage, she listened to the encouragement of her instructor. At the very next opportunity, she found the courage to file a police report. The police took her and the children straight to Interval House.

“I will never forget that day,” remembers Isabelle. “I was so frightened and I didn’t know what would happen. I was afraid to turn my back. But the staff kept saying, ‘Everything is going to be okay.’ They didn’t even know me! And they were treating me like I was family!”

“In those first days, the staff assured me that I wasn’t crazy, that I was strong and capable, and that I could make it. But BESS (Building Economic Self-Sufficiency) showed me how I could make it.” During the BESS program, Isabelle learned how to write a resume and a cover letter, how to make the most of the skills she had, and how to work toward her personal goals. “I believe in myself now,” she says with a smile. “Without BESS, that wouldn’t have been possible.”

Isabelle is now settled in her own apartment, working toward the life she dreamed of as she was growing up. And the children? They beg to go back to Interval House on Saturdays to take part in the activities they came to love!

Isabelle wants you to know that you saved her life. In fact, she is now looking for ways to give back, to contribute to the lives of other women in her shoes. “I don’t know how yet, but I will help,” she says. “Please give so that other families still have hope!”

* Real names and some details in this story have been altered to protect Isabelle’s identity.