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Seller Secret Episode #23 A Low Offer - Don’t Take It Personally

Monday, November 11, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

Seller Secret Episode #23 A Low Offer - Don’t Take It Personally

Do you take it personal when you get a low offer? or Suck it up and negotiate the deal?


If you get a low-ball offer, do you take it personally, or do you just suck it up, put your poker face on and counteroffer? What do you do?

Don't be upset. Don't take it personally. Evaluate the offer, because yes, the purchase price is very important. Usually in our experience, it's always been the first thing that people look at, but there's more to the offer. There's the closing date; there is financing conditions. There's a variety of other clauses and conditions that can be taken into consideration.

So, when you see an offer and it's very low, don't get upset. Just evaluate the situation, sit down calmly, because a lot of times, you know and the buyer knows that the price that they put on the offer is not going to be the price that they're going to pay for the house. It's merely just a starting point and it opens up the communications. It opens up room for negotiating, right?

So, now you're sitting at the table and you're talking about selling your house. It's a lot better than not having any offer at all.

Especially in a market where it's a little bit more stable, that's when buyers typically tend to fish and try to low-ball a few offers first, and then when they fail to buy the house at that price, then they become realistic. So, sometimes that's a starting point; don't take it personal. Let your agent do their job and negotiate for you.

The best advice is to counteroffer with a realistic counter, with whatever terms you want, and just let the seller know that you're serious about selling your house If you don't counter-offer, you don't look like a serious seller.

But you've to know what's important to the buyer. Like you have to know that knowledge; you have to have that kind of intelligence gathered by your agent to know what's important to the buyer, and even looking at the offer you can kind of tell, right.

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