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Seller Secret Episode #16 Keep Emotions in Check During Negotiations

Friday, October 25, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

Seller Secret Episode #16 Keep Emotions in Check During Negotiations

Are you one of those sellers who get emotional during negotiation and let your emotions get the best of you…Well you’re not alone!


Today we're going to talk about keeping your emotions balanced. So, keep emotions in check during negotiations.

We know that your home is important to you. We know that there's certain emotional ties to the house that you're selling. Maybe you've lived there for a very long time. We get that. But when you're selling your home, put those attachments aside, and be very business-like. Have a business-like manner during negotiations, because, just because somebody brings in a low offer, it does not mean it's going to end this way.

If every time you list your home, somebody was going to come and give you exactly what you wanted, then really, you wouldn't need any agents at all, right? But if you choose the right team and the right agent to work with you, they're masters at negotiating. They're trained, educated and experienced in the area of negotiating.

Make sure they are, because that should be one of the questions that you should be asking. Make sure you're questioning your agent's ability to negotiate on your behalf. That's why you have to look at their track record.

But this is a very important thing. You've got to make sure that you don't get emotional, because you've got to have your poker face on, and we've seen a lot of times where sellers got a really low offer. They didn't even want to counter-offer. They just wanted to rip the offer apart or burn it. They see it as an insult. And we don't blame them.

It's insulting; it's offensive, and we get that. We get that, but let's put all that aside, because emotions like offensive, insulting, those are emotional tactic.

Especially if you're selling a higher-price home and somebody brings you an offer much lower than what you're asking price is or the market value for that matter, don't get emotional. Just counter-offer. We've seen many, many, many; we've sold almost 1,000 homes. we've seen many times people have come back from ridiculously low-balling the first offer, and then they come back and pay full-price.

So, don't get emotional. The worst thing is you counter-offer and it doesn't go through, but the ones that get emotional and say, "Oh, that's it. Forget it. I'm not countering." At the end, you're the one that can use. Right? We've seen that.

Always counter-offer, work with your agent, and don't get emotional about offers.

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