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Seller Secret Episode #13 Deal Killer Odors - Must Go!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

Seller Secret Episode #13 Deal Killer Odors - Must Go!

You may have gotten immune to the smell in your house or the strong cooking but the buyers are really weird about these things. Don’t take this lightly!

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We are here with Seller's Secret number 13. And that’s about Deal-killer odors. This one can definitely turn off a lot of buyers you may not even realize it.

If you walked into a house and if it smelled like certain types of pets or certain types of foods, how would that impact your purchasing decision? You may not realize that some odd smells kind of have been carrying on in your house, but they do. And, nobody dislikes pets. In fact, majority of home-owners actually have pets, but the reality is that when you're selling your home, you really need to take this into consideration.

I'll give you a little example. I had a buyer, we went to see a property. She really loves cats, but unfortunately, she was highly allergic to cats. And the house, although was very, very nice, there was a strong smell and also, there was cat hair everywhere. And even though she would have loved to buy a house, she got very worried about her allergies, because she was even starting to react a little bit inside the house. You don't want to have this situation.

Some people may like foods that have a very strong odor and some people may not. You want to get rid of the odors; you want to air it out completely. You don't want to turn any buyer off, because that buyer may be the one that has more money in their pocket to give you one.

Here is the secret: If you want to get this process done as quickly as possible, then invest a little time and money in the beginning. Make sure your home is super clean, and for that period of time, there's solutions. If you don't need to cook out, you can cook before you put your home up for sale and you can freeze the food. You can buy outside food; you can eat at the family's house, but for us, our average is about seven to eight days. We tell our clients for that week to be patient, and we'll make sure that it's worth their while, because bottom line is, it's either you turn off some buyers and you just sell your house for the price that you get, or you can take this seriously, make sure your home is super clean, the same way the builders sell their home.

These guys spend millions of dollars on research and studies, so just model what they're doing.

Air fresheners go a very, very long way. Please, just put them all over your house, and like mentioned, don't cook. If you're going to cook or if you're going to make food at home, maybe you can't eat out everyday, cold sandwiches. It won't take that long.

Lots of different options.

The other difference is, you need money on the table, and we've seen that happen. We've worked with thousands of buyers and this is not something coming from us, although we have been buyers and we did experience this. This is coming from working with thousands and thousands of buyers over the years with our team, and the same feedback we're hearing.

And we want to know what your feedback is, so if you put in a comment below, what you think about different smells in the house and if it is a turnoff to you or if it doesn't matter to you. We'd love to know what you think.  But more importantly, what can you say about today’s Seller's Secret Tip? Like and Follow us our Page and get up-to-date Tips daily for FREE!

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