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How to stage your Airbnb properties for 10X Cashflow

Wednesday, October 23, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

How to stage your Airbnb properties for 10X Cashflow

Have you wondered why hotels hate Airbnb? Well because they have taken a large chunk of their profits. One of the biggest mistakes most make when renting their properties short term is they don't stage it properly or they stage it like they're selling it. You have to understand what the concept is. Remember a lot of the short-term rentals are not local people. They need to have certain things in the house for 5-star service. Remember you are not in the rental business. You are in the hospitality business.


Today we're going to talk to you about how to stage your properties properly on Airbnb. You can 10X your cashflow. This is an area I particularly enjoy because I like the whole designing of homes and it works for me. But some of the things you really want to remember is you don't necessarily want to, you don't want dated furniture.

You kind of want to have more modern furniture, but, and you don't want to create too much clutter. It's like when you're staging your home to get to get it sold, but a little bit different. One of the suggestions I have is having comfortable beds. Don't try to get the cheapest option and try to get a better mattress. You know, you want to get maybe like some firm, firm, or medium firm, like what are those memory foam, mattress mattresses. You want to get, things like that. You want to have really comfortable do vase. You want to kind of have all the necessities that they would need. A lot of times people don't want to travel with towels and things like that. They're don't want to take their shampoo conditioner. You kind of want to load up on these things. You want to make sure your kitchen is completely loaded with utensils. Wine opener, definitely want to have a wine. That's one thing most people forget. A coffee maker, kettle. Make sure your sofas are pullout sofas. Don’t get regular couches because the thing with sofa beds is you're able to charge more money just by having that there. But if you're going to have sofa beds there, then you want to make sure that you have extra blankets and extra pillows for the, for the guests that are going to sleep on the sofas. You want to have some decoration items.

Internet Wi-Fi is extremely important. People who are traveling, they don't have access to high-speed internet. Get the high-speed internet, like the good one because basically you're going to be able to save money on cable. Usually we don't put any cable in our Airbnbs. We only use Netflix and it's only $10 a month. I have Netflix for them that, that, you know, for kids or for people who don't really want to stay out late and they just kinda want to wind down at night, they want it Smart TV. You got a smart TV, an S high speed internet and that just basically covers everything that I do to have that fixed so that, that covers that. And basically a, I think something that's really important, but by having nice art nice artwork or a nice picture of frames that when he sets like makes it, makes up place look good.

And air fresheners they really kind of, it's nice to walk into a house that smells really nice and you want to make it airy, so have really simple decor. Like you don't want to just the, basically if you're going to partner with a cleaning company that's going to take care of your cleaning what you want to explain to know if taking for the towels nicely and the presentation is important. You remember, you, you're now switching from being a long-term tenant. If you're going to do this to a more of a consumer experience, right.

And that's where you're able to get a 10 X the cashflow because are you just putting a little bit of more work in the beginning and then later on, it's all automated. Yeah. And you know a lot of things you can buy used, you don't have to necessarily spend thousands and thousands of dollars, maybe the mattresses you don't want to buy used, but a lot of like side tables and coffee tables and things like that. You can buy both. According to trends, you can definitely use it if you like, there's a lot of people selling like good furniture for, you know, I might have a small scratch at the bottom, or they just got tired of it. But you know with art is hard to go by. Use art unless you find the really nice ones that are not diamonds. But like Diana said, like sheets, the towels, those are the only thing. Toilet paper or like a lot of people just leave one or two. They kind of max them out. But don't cheap out on those toilet papers cheap. Just leave enough for a family to be able to comfortably use toilet paper. They don't want to have to go to the store and buy that.

When you stage Airbnb, it is a little bit different than when you're selling because you're staging, you're actually comparing these properties for your guests to have a comfortable and convenient stay when they're with you. You can get five-star review and make sure that you continue growing your nightly price just because of our guests having good experience with your Airbnb. Since also be available. If somebody wants something and it's easily, you're easily able to deliver it for them, do it because they'll, you'll get a good review.

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