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How to get results creating cash flow quickly and consistently with these secrets

Tuesday, October 22, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

How to get results creating cash flow quickly and consistently with these secrets

If you are stuck with some negetive cashflow properties or vacant homes, then you need to convert those to Airbnb short term rentals.


Today we're going to talk to you, talk to you about how to create cashflow quickly and consistently using these secrets. Basically, we came up with a formula that we learned from our Brian Page. This guy just cracked the code and introduced this idea to us. We took that and added some, our own twist to it and now we're it, we have turned our negative cashflow properties. They used to be negative and we were deciding what to do with them. Now we turn those into positive cashflow just by switching from traditional long-term rentals and to short-term rentals.

The reason that we came up with this is because we, we came up with, we had a problem. We had a problem that we had to solve. And you know, we started doing a lot of research, a lot of digging, and that's how we discovered Brian Page. He's fantastic and he's very knowledgeable and he's got a great, he's got a great chorus, but we had, we had a property that was, that was high and more that had a high mortgage. And honestly, it just wasn't a really good investment. We could've kept paying it, but it just, it was a, it was a bad way of spending our money. So we decided we were initially going to do kind of like a rooming house, but we thought that an Airbnb would be a great idea and I, you know, we can kind of have a steady stream of income and kind of turn it into a business and it's worked really well for us. And I'm really grateful that we came up, we had this problem when we came up with the solution.

We started with just our, our own property and then, and then we realized how much our, how we're able to basically [inaudible] our income almost get like five to 10 times more income from our short term rentals versus long-term rentals. And a lot of, a lot of you may be thinking, yeah, that's too good to be true. There's a lot of work. But you know, we'll tell you that there are a few follow these secrets are, there is not a lot of work. Like we basically figured out how we can outsource all the virtual basically a virtual hosting service where you don't even have to talk to the guests anymore. We figured out how you can automate the ha by putting e-logs on the house. You don't have to even go there and give them keys or even be giving his out to guests and worried that people are going to lose your [inaudible] basically. This is the way you have to look at it.

And luckily for you guys, we, we did all the research, all the investigating, all the figuring out parts. You don't have to and we're happy to share that knowledge with you. And we're going to be keep giving you guys more information about this as we grow, and we learned more because we're also learning. This is, yeah, this is more than just, it's, it's real estate, but it's more than just real estate. It's a service business, it's hospitality, it's accommodations that we need to change our mindset if we want to get into this.

How would you like to create cashflow? Either by turning your traditional long-term rentals into short term rentals and basically, but overnight a 10 X your cash flow just by doing that or by buying properties that before were not positive cashflow because you had to put a significant amount of down payment. Now you're able to do that with only 5% down. So you can literally buy a house with 5% down and we'll show you how you can create positive cashflow or you know, if you are going to tell us, Oh, I don't have money right now. I go, I don't have good credit. You know what? You can use the same principles and rent properties and create positive cashflow with the permission of the builder. And we'll teach you how you can get up with the landlord's permission.

There's a whole package that goes that you present to the landlord a whole presentation. And we learned all that then I think it's okay. And so anybody can create positive cashflow without even owning a property. Think about it, like put you in the path to being able to own a property like right now. Yeah. It's a gateway. Like right now, if you're in a position where you feel like you're working a job, your paycheck to paycheck and it's almost impossible for you to save them on a money to buy a property in Toronto. This is just a second source of income. And a lot of times your second source, this source of income can be more lucrative than your actual job, right? If you start this and you start by renting properties and then, you know leasing them on, or sorry, renting it on Airbnb or using Airbnb, then you can start saving the money that you need for a down payment very quickly.

Watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/4b8tQilDq9c

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