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How to create positive cash flow using Airbnb and Steps to automating so you can leverage your time

Monday, October 21, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

How to create positive cash flow using Airbnb and Steps to automating so you can leverage your time

Are you interested in creating cashflow using Airbnb but don't have the time or resources to execute. When we started our Airbnb business, we were also running a successful real estate business at the same time so we did not have the time but after we learned how we can automate almost everything, we became fascinated with the opportunity. You have to always  think how I can be the business owner. Most get caught up operating the business themselves and thus fail.


Today’s topic is about how to create positive cashflow using Airbnb and the steps to automating this whole process so you can leverage your time and literally be sitting on a beach, on your smart phone and be creating positive cash flow just on your phone. For those of you who haven't done Airbnb yet and who are thinking about doing it and wondering, what do you mean by automating? Why do we need to do it?

When we first started, we started with one house and honestly was getting to the point where we co we constantly had to respond to messages. We had to drive over there to drop something off. And we really wanted to become super hosts. We want to give really good service so that we were taking this business pretty seriously. And for that reason, we had to figure out a solution. And again, we came up, we discovered our good friend Brian Page and we realized, wow, we could actually automate this. And for us it made sense because our real estate business is also automated. It's a self-operating business and that's the only way to scale a business. Thanks to Craig Proctor, one of the biggest gives his target is how to leverage our time. So how to figure out how to not do things rather than how to do it right. Cause if you're doing everything on your own, it's not scalable and you're going to be stuck on, I don't know, a certain number, like a small number of Airbnb, so you can do, but if you're really thinking big a, then this is the way to do.

Basically, the five things that are important to automate this is number one, you need to have cleaners. There'll be the, your biggest partners are the most important partners. You find a cleaning company, not a cleaner, a business owner, not a business operator. Once you find a cleaning company that has like 20, 30 cleaners working for them, then they handle all your Airbnb calendars and listings and basically as soon as your guest is leaving, they already know they go and handle all that. Yeah, and we suggest that you do find a cleaning company that has some good reviews that you interview because I know this is a small part, sounds like a small part of the business, but it's actually huge because the timing is very important from getting one guest out in one guest then and you can really get bad reviews if that time is not taken seriously, let's try it.

And then the second guest is basically the handyman and the handyman or you don't want to contract or you can just hire a handyman and basically that's who's going to be handling all the issues. Problems that could come up. The third partner or from a PR company that will automate this is basically have a virtual hosting company there become basically a virtual front desk for all your Airbnb listings, like a virtual assistant. Right. So, because again, we were able to do these in our business, it was easier for us to build this. But there's companies out there who specialize in hosting Airbnb listings and they'll be able to basically, that just takes you away from dealing with all the messages and, and covering, and you can be sleeping at 3:00 AM someone wants to book one of your properties. You don't have to respond to that. They'll handle that.

And like the, I guess the initial work on your part at the beginning is to just like, you'll know what kind of questions most guests ask. What are some other, or they end up all being the same. So, once your virtual assistant learns that it's easy peasy and then you might be asking, where are we going to find these customers? So that's the best part. These Airbnbs right now, the leading company does a few other ones out there and they do all the marketing for you. All you gotta do is just put it, put your, put proper pictures, a good description and have good reviews and Airbnb will continue showing your property to the best top qualified, short-term rental clients. And you don't have to spend a penny on marketing. And there's some tricks on like what, why you need to put in your description and not Trex really, but just tips on what you can add to your listing, what you can add, like what kind of Patriots depart and honesty is really important, but we'll go, we'll talk about that in another video and what things to put in listings too, to get the best quality people on pricing and all that. That's important.

And then the fifth part, basically our favorite part is go out there and find more properties so you can scale your cashflow business and automated. You can be making passive income while your business or your job or whatever else you're doing on the side. It's creating your earned income. And this is if you actually turn this into a business, this is a Rainmaker activity. This is huge. This is that this is what you need to be doing if the rest of your business is self-operating, the only thing you need to do if you're looking to grow is to go out, look, look for more properties to buy. If you can't buy it, then you're looking for landlords. But once you have a number of Airbnbs, you're going to be in a position to buy, which we suggest. And you can partner with real estate teams or companies or agents that know what they're doing. You can even go out there and do it yourself. And we're going to teach you in other videos.

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