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How To Target For Sale By Owners When You're Looking For Cash Flow Properties To Buy Or Rent

Thursday, October 24, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

How To Target For Sale By Owners When You're Looking For Cash Flow Properties To Buy Or Rent

What if you found out that the agent you're working with only showed you houses that paid him or her commissions? Would you be upset? The best way to find for sale by owners and have access to homes that are not on the MLS or internet is by making sure the agent you hire knows how to negotiate their fees no matter what the seller is offering. This way you won't be limited to only what is on the MLS and paying the commission that they are happy with. This may be good for the agent but certainly not good for the buyer especially if you're an investor and trying to get the best deals. Partner up with the right real estate team or you're better off just doing it on your own.


Today we're going to talk to you about how to target foresight for sale by owners to either buy or rent their properties as far as investment properties to create cashflow using Airbnb. Basically there's a few tips we have for you. If you are planning on you know, finding property investment properties for cashflow and you'd like to target for sale by owners to find these opportunities. What is the, what is the number one tip you have for folks out there who want to do this?

The tip is to communicate that with, with a real estate agent that you're working with. Make sure they're drawn to your team; they can guide you through it. I mean, you really do it, especially with, you know, for, for, with, for sale by owners. You need somebody negotiating for you. Right? I would, that would be my tip.

You look at the end of the day, look, there's two ways of doing it. One is you hired a professional to do the legwork and find it for you and the other ways doing it yourself. If you decide to, you know, partner with a real estate team where, or a broker makes sure that they have access to these properties, you know what I mean? Not all real estate agents have access to for sale by owners. There's, you can, you can purchase a, there's services, those companies that sell the list of all the for sales by owner to daily. So, so we pay for that list for our company and we get access to those every day. In return, we give that to our clients as well. Well now if you, if you want to go there and do it yourself you know, we're going to tell you some of the ways you can do that right now. You can basically go on Kijiji or you can go on Craig's this Facebook newspaper or whatever that for sale by owners, property guys, property guys. Yeah. At the end of the day, for sale by owners, they're just trying to save the listing portion of the commission. So, even if you have a real estate agent you can go to the for sale by owner with your real estate agent and they'll be happy to pay your real estate agent or commission.

The belief is that if you go to a for sale by owner, without an agent, you are going to save Z. You're going to save a lot more money. But the reality is that perhaps a real estate agent can negotiate a better deal for you because that's what they do on a daily basis. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, right? They may know how to negotiate better than better than, you know, a person who buys one or two houses every few years.

But if you're trying to target for-sale-by-owner tenants I mean landlords who are trying to lease other properties long-term and you want to target them and put these properties on Airbnb, then basically you just have to approach these landlords from a different angles and angle you, you like the way we talked to these landlords is basically we explain to them that we have, we're looking to rent their properties but not to live in it. V we're looking to rent these properties and, and in return port it and rented out short term to professionals booking to run furnished properties and we're going to have a profession cleaned weekly. We're going to have a handyman making sure to fix everything. ,the landlords from as a business owner rather than a tenant. You're going there with a package, with a presentation. Basically. It's like, it's like when you go into bank to try to get a business loan, you have to take your marketing plan, your business plan. It's the same idea when you're going to see a landlord, you know, you kind of have to have the full package and be extremely professional.

There's a whole course out better. There's a whole course out there. If anybody's interested in really creating cashflow, using Airbnb, renting other people's properties. There is a course, it's called BNB formula Brian Page disgrace genius. You cracked the code and we learned a lot from him and, and we also used some on Gold's principles when with our Airbnb business. We hope you guys enjoyed these videos. Make sure you subscribe to our channel and turn on the notification and share it if you think anybody can benefit from it. Thanks for watching. Hey everyone, it's Sam and Diana and today we're going to talk to you about how to go, how to use this cash flow formula to go from where you are today to where you want to go in the future.

I think a lot of it starts with the mindset, right? With what you like, what you want. What do you envision for yourself? You don't want me to talk to a lot of, I've, I've personally talked to some people who are scared to do this cause they feel like it's not a steady stream, a stream of income when, if sometimes you don't get people, what if you, so I think it really starts with making a, actually envisioning what you want for your business and preparing a plan for yourself. I think preparation goes a long way, but believing that you can get there is, is important.

A lot of people have fear, right? Like you've got to get rid of that fear and, and you got to really think about what you want, what you want and why you want that. Right? And once you know what you want and why you want that, the other part is just how you get it right? And the how is easy. The how is the part that you go and learn and figure out, right? That's the ability to be hugged. You just got to get rid of the mindset and hard, this is not going to work. And to be honest with you, we had the same skepticism towards, you know, creating cashflow, using Airbnb or short term rentals until we had a pain until we had a problem where like, no, we heard it a few times, but the fourth or fifth time where we heard it, we actually heard about a time where we had a problem and this happened to be the solution to that problem. It doesn't have to be that way for you. This doesn't, it doesn't have to be a problem for you to become this opportunity. Why don't you just you know, take what we're telling you right now and either turn your traditional rental properties into long, short term Airbnb or start investing in properties that you can create cash flow using Airbnb and, and then take advantage of the equity growth as well. Just turn your fear into excitement. Don't let fear stop you from doing something and don't let people stop you because majority of people are very skeptical.

Don't listen to people that have not done it right. Or even if like sometimes people, I used to listen to people that used to talk me out, this doesn't work. And I still do. When I talked to some people, they right away told me, my buddy Alex did that, and it didn't work. No. So my question that Alex research how to create cash flow using Airbnb, did he understand how Airbnb works? Did he educate himself? So we've done that and we can tell you firsthand that by educating ourselves, it a lot of us to set ourselves apart and really, really create positive cash flow using Airbnb, either with our traditional long-term rentals or with the new properties we're buying and turning the properties that were not possible before into positive cash flow now. And then when we'd run out of money to buy houses, then you don't want to stop.

We want to still create cashflows with them. You're going rent properties from landlords and we get their permission to allow us to put these properties on Airbnb. Think about it. You don't even need to own the land. Just like Airbnb. Airbnb is, is basically they've been in the business for nine years and their net worth is $32 billion. Hilton has been in the business for 99 years, almost a hundred years. And that their net worth, guess what it is? It's 22 billion. It's 10 billion less and Airbnb doesn't own any property. That's why you got to be listening to these voices and disruptors. 

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