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5 Tips To Finding The Perfect Real Estate Agent

Wednesday, September 18, 2019   /   by Jake Batac

5 Tips To Finding The Perfect Real Estate Agent

Do you think all real estate agents are equal? Get same results? or charge the same commission?

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So, what are some tips? One of the tips that I like to make sure that all sellers know about is asking them about the buyers in their database for their particular property or their particular area. Do they have any buyers in their database looking for that area and can they show it to you?

And then the second one is finding out how many homes they sell as a team collectively because they more homes they sell probably more capabilities they have to do for your home at the end of the day. This is what you want to know.

And also do your homework on the listing agent that you're going to work with. Make sure that they have good reviews. Make sure their reputation is good online. You don't want to be stuck with an agent you can't get out of a contract with.

Having the buyer is the most important thing, but the second most important thing for me is how are they going to hold themselves accountable to you? How are they going to assure you or guarantee you that if your home doesn't sell? What's going to happen if it doesn't sell? 

If it's nothing, then probably you’re not getting much assurances. You got to make sure that do they have something of guarantee in place where if they don’t sell your home, you will be compensated or something will happen. More importantly if you’re not happy with the service are you able to get out of that contract, how long is the term, what is the extra charge? Can you get out of the contract? Because in most cases you can’t so you got to make sure. Most really good brokers and agents who are confident with what they do, they have no problem giving you a cancellation guarantee or one day listing where you can cancel anytime. 

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