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5 partners to starting your own Cash Flow Business on Airbnb

Tuesday, October 15, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

5 partners to starting your own Cash Flow Business on Airbnb

You can start your Airbnb cashflow business now but you may think that it will take to much of your time and that's what we thought until we figured out the formula to automating the whole process so all we have to do is focus on the fun part that we love and cannot be delegated. Finding more properties. 1st partners you need are cleaning company, 2nd handy man, 3rd virtual front desk (if you have more than 2 or 3 listings), 4th Airbnb will do all the marketing for you and generate all the clients, 5th Real Estate Team to help you find the best properties or do it yourself.

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Five partners you need to have to have a profitable cash flow, short term rental business, what are they? The five partners, you need to be able to run this cashflow business without affecting your day to day business or life. And then if you really see that it's taking off, who knows, maybe it might become your business, but basically the five people.

Basically, number one is the cleaners, right? You need to have proper cleaning company, not a cleaner, not a business operator, but a business owner because you need to have like at least 10, 20 cleaners in their company. That works, right? It doesn't rely on them in case they get sick or go on vacation. That's the number one a partner unit. That second partner is basically, for us, it was a a virtual ho hosting company where a, they host all the guests, they answer all the questions. It becomes like a virtual front desk type of thing. If you have more than one or two or three properties that you put on the, the short-term rental cashflow business using Airbnb.

The second partner is a, it would be a hosting company, which we're going to ref tell you a few that we looked into and which one we're using.

The third one would be a handyman. So not necessarily a contractor, but you can go on Craigslist and under gigs you can, there's a lot of handymen that you can hire for 15, 20, $30 an hour depending on the jobs you need. Right? I would say around 15, $20 an hour, what you need, and they'll be able to go and fix the little things for you. If you have those three things and you can literally run your Airbnb business right from your phone, you can be on the beach and around the world and run it right?

Then the fourth partner, which is crucial is either your bank. If you're buying these properties and then putting them on Airbnb, then your partner would be the bank. And if you just starting out, then you don't have that rent these properties. Your partner, would it be the bank or the landlords? Right? That's the fourth partner.

Lastly, the fifth partner, which is the most important partner is Airbnb. They do all the marketing, they do all the advertising, they put your home in front of millions of eyeballs and all you got to do is just follow certain simple rules to make sure that yours, your property stands out over and the other ones and you get more listings. And that's what we're going to teach you if you follow our church.

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