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11 Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

Wednesday, September 18, 2019   /   by Jake Batac

11 Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

How do you avoid costly home inspection traps before selling your home? Keep reading…

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Home inspection is really important for sellers because they just assume that when they put their house up for sale and someone buys it then everything is all good, but the right buyer’s going to do their due diligence and do their home inspection. So, what are some of the important things you want to look at? 

I suggest doing a pre-listing inspection, so you know what damages you have in your home. Especially if you have an older house and you can tell that you haven’t done a lot of work on it. You feel like there’s some problems, it will actually save you a lot of headache and money if you do a pre-inspection and be proactive about this.

One of the things that inspectors look for is roofing problems. Water leakage through the roof can occur for a variety of reasons, so you want to make sure that you work with your inspector or if you’re pretty good around the house you’ll know what things you need to fix. Make sure that this one part is fix. This is the one thing inspectors really look for. And another one is inadequate wiring and electrical. Your home should have a minimum of a hundred-amp service, and this is going to be clearly shown. Make sure that this is up to date as well because a lot of insurance companies just won’t insure you if you don’t have the right wiring. Also, damp or wet basements, this can usually cause a lot of problems, you know mold, and if you don’t fix it right away it can create a lot of bigger problems in the long run.

And you can smell it. You go into some basements; you just walk there, and you can smell the moist. A lot of buyers they just say let’s go, next house. They don’t even want to mess around with homes that have leaks.

Another thing are cracks. A crack is easy to fix. It could be $200 to $1000 to fill the gap, but…
Unless they’re buying a fixer-upper or tear down. But if your house is not a really fixer-upper, make sure you take care of these things. 

There’s other stuff like making sure that there’s no structural damage. That’s a really big one, structural damage, any leaks, any roof problems, heating/cooling, electrical, etc.

Molding is another huge inspection checklist. Molding is extremely important because it’s actually a health hazard and if you just let this go this can spread very quickly. And a lot of buyers just walk away from that because they cannot tell how much mold is under the wall, so they don’t want to take the chance.

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