Why you'd want to live in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and is North America’s fifth most populous municipality – with a population of 2.7 million people. The city lies on largely flat land, with little in the way of hills. Toronto’s latitude – 43 degrees north – is similar to Bordeaux, France and – in the southern hemisphere – Christchurch, New Zealand. Although Toronto’s climate is partially moderated by its Great Lakes location, it is more extreme than Bordeaux’s and Christchurch’s, with somewhat hotter summers and considerably colder winters. Toronto’s motto is “Diversity Our Strength”. Known as one of the world’s most multi-cultural cities, Toronto prides itself on its wide range of cultures, languages, food and arts. Almost half of its population are immigrants. According to Forbes, powerful cities such as Toronto attract investment due to the size of their economy, their projected future prosperity, cost of living and quality of life. Forbes describes Toronto as lying at the economic heart of one of the world’s wealthiest countries, projected to keep humming through 2020. Toronto is Canada’s banking/financial capital and the home of its principle stock exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange. The University of Toronto is one of the world’s most prestigious post-secondary institutions, ranking 24th in the Academic Ranking of World Universities. There are three different campuses, located in the Downtown area as well as the west (Mississauga) and east (Scarborough). Toronto is also home to two other universities, Ryerson and York University as well as several community colleges. Toronto is one of the very few North American cities in which people can choose not to own a car without suffering major inconveniences. This is largely due to The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) – North America’s third largest public transit system. The 400 series highways all merge in Toronto’s core. The 401, which is North America’s busiest highway, is the spine of Ontario and Toronto’s infrastructure via Living in Canada

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